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Our in-house pharmacy offers a myriad of prescriptions and refills such as antibiotics, probiotics, vitamins & supplements, anti-parasiticidals, shampoos & other over-the-counter products to ensure your pet's wellness and management of medical conditions.

We provide elective procedures such as spaying and neutering, dental  cleanings and extractions, mass removals, laceration repairs, and many other surgical procedures. Please call today to inquire about our surgical services and pricing.

We are a community-driven pet care facility. We provide a wide range of veterinary services for your pet's preventive and medical needs. Noble Animal Clinic will always commit towards giving you the quality healthcare for your canine and feline friends, or any animal companion. We offer in-house laboratory exams such as urine analysis or blood test, radiology-based procedures like distal x-ray or ultrasound, or other specialized treatment options, including surgical services, dental care, and acupuncture.

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Blood chemistry profiles are vital in determining potential diseases during its earliest phase, especially internal illnesses that could not be assessed through a only physical examination. Noble Animal Clinic host an array of in-house and referral blood work to asses your pet's internal health, specific profiles for early disease detection, and blood profiles to manage chronic diseases such as kidney and liver disease.

Your pet's urine analysis might also reveal an existing health problem like diabetes or urinary tract infection.  Urine analysis can help assess  and identify the underlying health issues.



Digital radiography is the most cost efficient and technologically up to date means of x-ray. Radiographs can be taken and results immediately assessed to determine what is or is not ailing your pet.

Ultra-sound is another tool available at Noble Animal Clinic for cutting edge diagnostics thar are cost efficient, less stressful and non-invasive on our pets. When warranted, ultra-sound can be used for a more sensitive and specific means of disease detection and managing chronic diseases such as heart disease.



Looking for a more traditional alternative treatment plan for your animal companion? Pet parents can also try out acupuncture for a hassle-free experience. Treatments include pain management, better blood circulation and solution to musculoskeletal and nerve problems.

We also provide a wide array of homeopathic remedies for a number of health conditions, whether chronic or acute.  Veterinarian-approved medications will be made available for your pets to help them come up with a "self-healing" response.



The cause of arthritis is initially identified after diagnosing present symptoms such as stiffness and noticeable pain. We'll then provide possible surgical intervention and supplements in order to treat the existing joint disorder.

Heartworm infection can result in severe health issues and even death. Heartworm disease is preventable through monthly dosing with heartworm preventatives. Heartworm prevention also prevents patient form getting internal parasites form the environment.

When necessary, heartworm disease can be treated, staged, and the long term effects managed to help prolong the life of a pet that has acquired the disease through mosquito bites.

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Never lose track of your pet again with these reasonably priced microchip implants. Microchipping is a great alternative compared to regular pet tags or ID collars.